Nes connector replacement guides and information.

NES Connector

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo released there Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. And it quickly became the best selling game console of it’s time.
The most common problem with old Nintendo NES consoles is a worn out 72-pin nes connector. The connector is the part that connects the game cartridges to the console. The original nes connector had pins made of nickel and over the years insertion and removal of cartridges usuly causes the pins to wear out.

72 pin nes connector

Symptoms of a worn out nes connector

The most frequent problem with a bad nintendo 72 pin connector is that games refuses to start and blinking of the screen and power light.

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Replacing the nes connnector

Replacing the 72-pin connector is a simple procedure that anyone can do, no tools exept a ordinary philips screwdriver is needed.

We have made a simple step by step tutorial with images. How to replace a 72-pin nes connector.

Buy a new nes connector

A new nintendo nes connector is inexpensive and easy to install.

We have links to several online stores with nes connectors of god quality.