Nes connector replacement guides and information.

Worn out NES Connector symptoms

Causes of connector failure

The nes connector is the part that connects the game cartrige to the nintendo nes console. When the nes and connector were new and the cartridges were clean there were no problems. But over time frequent insertion and removal of cartridges causes the connector pins to wear out and the connection between console and cartridge becomes worse and worse. The bad connection between cartrige and nes causes the game to malfunction.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms a new 72 pin connector will most likely solve the problems. A new nes connector is cheep and easy to replace with no tools other then a screwdriver. Just follow our easy nes connector replacement guide with images.

Symptoms of a bad nintendo nes connector

  • Blinking
    When powered on the red power light and screen flashes and the system appears to turn itself on and off repeatedly.
    nes blinking
  • Grey screen
    When powered on the entire screen turns grey.
    nes grey screen
  • Spontaneous restart
    The game powers up and starts but suddenly resets itself in the middle of the game.
  • Restart when touched
    The game powers up and starts but is reset if the console is touched or moved.
  • Graphic problems
    Parts or the hole image is screwed up or freezing.
    Bad connector graphic problem


All of these symptoms is usually solved by replacing the 72-pin connector. A new nintendo nes connector is cheep and easy to install. All you need to have is a new nintendo nes connector and a screwdriver. We have also made a easy to follow step by step nes replacement instruction.