Nes connector replacement guides and information.

Image step by step guide for NES connector replacement

Tools and introduction

This image tutorial will take you through the steps of replacing a worn out nintendo nes connector.
Basically the only tool you need is a thin philips screwdriver. And of course a new nes 72-pin nes connector.

Opening the console

The first step is to take the top and bottom part of the box appart.
Flip the box upside down and unscrew the 6 screws marked by red cirkels in the image.


Flip the box over again and remove the top cover.

Remove the metal shield

With the top cover of the metal shield becomes visable. The shield is mounted with 7 philis screws.
Next step is to unscrew all 7 screws. The screws is marked with red circles in the image below.

nes connector guide step 2

Now remove the metal shield.

Removing the cartrige tray

Now with the metal shield gone it’s time for the plastic cartridge tray. It’s easier to remove the tray if the pcb is slightly lifted. The tray is mounted with 6 screws but we are also going to remove two screws from the rf modulator to be able to lift the pcb.
Remove all 8 screws. 2 screws are longer then the rest and will fit nowhere else, note there position.

nes connector guide step 3

Now gently lift the pcb and pull/slide the cartridge tray away from the nes connector towards the front.

Removing the old nintendo 72-pin nes connector

Now it’s time to remove the nes connector. Carfylly press the nintendo connector backwords. If the connector is stuck use your thumbs and press alternately on the left and right side.

nes connector guide step 4

Installing the new connector

Push the new connector in place and be sure to get it all the way in.

Reassembling the nes

Now it’s time to put things back together it’s done by doing this guide backwards.

1. Mount the cartridge tray on the connector
2. Use the 8 screws to mount the connector, tray and pcb.
3. Use 6 screws to mount the metal plate.
4. Use 6 screws to assemble the top and bottom.


Now connect your repaired nintendo nes to your tv and enjoy playing games that starts on the first try.